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Emergency Mode

You can turn on Emergency Mode to allow your Safety Circle members to track your location, offering aid by themselves or contacting emergency services as needed. Read More

Safe Trip

Set your destination and estimated arrival time. If you don't make it in time, the system triggers an Emergency call, sharing your travel points and status with your Safety Contacts. Read More

Simple Tracking

Effortlessly record travels, city explorations, and work locations. Remember photo spots and validate professional journeys with ease. Read More

Automatic Tracking

Simple tracking turns on when you exit home and concludes upon your return – effortlessly automated. Read More

Shake activation / fall detection

Shake for help. Choose your shake count to activate an emergency call. Fall detection does the same - if your phone senses a fall, it will automatically trigger an emergency call for help. Read More

Request Location

Ask your Safety Contact for their location. They control how much to share, respecting their privacy. Read More

Private Circles

With Private Tracks, your route is logged on your device *only* until you choose to share it or request assistance. Read More

Single Circle Call

Create Custom Safety Circles for your contacts. When traveling you can then seek help only from contacts in your close proximity. Read More

Location Check

Check on your kids  kids location when you feel unrest. They can continue play their game and do not have to do anything - if they are in reception you will know where they are.Read More

Long Term Storage

Choose five trips to be exempt from automatic cleaning, ensuring they are stored as long as you desire. Read More

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N/A^ - this item is not available in the default package, but can be obtained on a special agreement for everyone in your company or as an addon individually by your employees.

We switched to MSC  because of automatic caregiver tracking. Now staff locations are logged effortlessly as soon as they leave home until they return safely. It provides air-tight documentation and real-time monitoring. Automatic Tracking made managing remote workers almost a breeze.

Jarrah K. Senior Admin

(aged care industry)

I used to feel very anxious doing home health visits alone before discovering MSC. Now with the Emergency Call feature, I have total confidence. If anything goes wrong on a visit, I can tap the emergency button and my contacts are automatically looped in to monitor and assist. Knowing I have that reliable backup completely changed my outlook so I recommend this app to every lone worker for the peace of mind it offers

Jose C. NDIS caretaker

(healhth care industry)

I love the Location Share option for work trips MSC has. With one click I can share my location once if my family or “work family” really needs to know where I am, but it’s a one -shot. No more choosing between no protection and constant monitoring. I can coordinate with my colleagues and ask for directions without identifying myself as a foreigner locally. This feature finally lets me travel for business safely, but with privacy.

Bonnie F. frequent flyer

(finance care industry)

As a disability support driver, Location Check lets me monitor clients realtime and when the help needed so I’m able to help and ensure their personal safety without disrupting autonomy.
I can honestly say this is essential for my role.

Lachlan T. NDIS driver

(healhth care industry)

We switched to MSC for the emergency location monitoring. Now when technicians enable this mode, I can see their location in real-time and reach them quickly if issues arise on a job site. Knowing I can get eyes and help on any situation completely changed my ability to manage scattered field staff. I tell every colleague with remote workers to get this app!

Ramon T. manager

(construction industry)

As a campus security director, the Emergency Call feature is invaluable. It expands our safety net across all grounds and locally off campus. This app is a must-have for student protection.

Ned N. campus head of security

(high education sector)