Field Worker Safety

I am looking for solution for:

Easy Alarm Activation

Your employees can trigger an emergency alerts with the touch of a button, or shake their device.

An Emergency call will also be triggered automatically when if they do not check-in to a planned destination in time.

Reduce your Risk and Keep your Privacy

The My Safety Circle app ensures that all personal information (including your employees Current locations) is stored securely and not accessible by a 3d party . Your Employee’s location is only shared with their Safety Circle members and your trusted security service when an emergency call is active. The app allows to voluntary share your Employee’s location or track, but always shows who did access it and that access is documented and easy to track. So the app cannot be used for silent tracking or spying

Reduced Risk of Data Breaches

All communications of My Safety Circle app is encrypted along with the modern security standards (RSA keys of 2048+ bits) which ensures the data can not be breached with brute force attacks. We also do not share out customers data with any 3d parties like marketing and big data agencies. Because we deliberately do not participate in market research activities – the precious private data of our customers at lower risk of exposure, because those trusted contacts in your circles and those people who you shared your info are the only people who can put their eye on your data. Even our support personal will only look into your data when you ask them to do that and all access is documented. As the number of human eyes and tools accessing your data is extremely limited the security of the data is at a high level.

Global Access

Every emergency call receives it’s own tracking board, when the person in disaster and the rescuers comin for help are tracked.

This functionality is not limited by any border and can be shared by the helping members, so the emergency can easily be escalated to the respective authorities when the need arises.

Easy onboarding

The app is easy to install and setup. There are quick start manuals explaining what to do in details so people from teenagers or an elderly can follow it easy

Increased reach-out capabilities

We develop he capability of MySafetyCircle app to send the alarms and communication in the low-reception area where no mobile data connection is possible – significantly increases the chances the call for help is successful and the search or rescue efforts can be targeted precisely

Keep your employees trained and aware

A person in a real emergency situation is under huge stress and may not be able to think clear or act smoothly. So it is essential that they know in advance what they can do and what they can expect – if they send an emergency call. My Safety Circle has inbuilt functionality which allows you to perform the safety drills regularly. So the one who needs help knows how to call for it. And their safety contacts – know how to do it.

Focus on New Developments, Flexibility and Customization

My Safety Circle’s new development focus is on better fitting the needs of our customers – those customers who have specific requirements and are open to cooperate and contribute to developing the futures that help their specific needs are at the best position with MSC to get a solution fitting their needs precisely.