How it Works

Simon - Safe Trip

is a runner and is training for a cross-country event. He has parked his car at a national forest and is running on his usual training track through the bush and up the mountain. The track is blocked due to some fallen rocks and trees

Simon takes a detour onto a less used track, and about an hour in, slips while navigating some mossy rocks.

He badly injures his leg, and he is now out of mobile range.


Simon’s is still in the forest. The server has not received notification that he has returned home in time, and so activates SOS mode. His partner receives the notification, checks the last location, and given the time since then, calls the police to coordinate a search. The police are supplied with a link to the tracking data to share with the rescue authorities.

MSC connecting Simon

  • Raised Alert
  • Trackable
  • Information Shareable with authorities
  • Set travel Time Frame
  • Set Destination
  • Enable Auto-complete
  • Notify Circle at Start of Journey
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