How it Works

Mia's Story - Family Mode

Frank and Julie are parents with demanding jobs and their greatest concern is for the safety of their children, especially as they are actively involved in activities after school. 

The usual arrangements were that Mia  and Noah, the youngest, were to wait for Charlotte’s, the oldest, netball to finish, and then they get home together.

But one day  Charlotte, realised Mia was missing…


Charlotte activated “Request Location” on her mobile’s My Safety Circle App, which enabled Frank and Julie to track Mia’s location to her friend’s house close by. 

Without any further stress the family were reunited at Mia’s friend’s house.

MSC connecting Simon

  • Raised Alert
  • Trackable
  • Information Shareable with authorities
  • Set travel Time Frame
  • Set Destination
  • Enable Auto-complete
  • Notify Circle at Start of Journey

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