Advanced Features

Automated Tracking

The Simple Tracking mode is very useful.. until you forget to switch it on… – but don’t you worry –  we thought about this! 

We thought about it, you  can switch on the Automated tracking service.
This will allow you to select you home location and will automatically start your Simple tracking mode for you when you leave it and stop it when you get back.
Use it smart! If you are on a tourist trip – set the “home location” to your hotel and My Safety Circle will have all your endeavours documented for you automatically. 
You now can find out where exactly you were and at which time  – and can match you photos to the true geolocation precisely. (It is only in-phone and some top notch professional cameras that can put geolocation data into your shots and only if you set them to do that.)

Cautious about your privacy? Have a look at the High Privacy option – you data will not leave your phone and you can handle it at your descretion.

My Safety Circle Applications

High Privacy

You may want to record your movements without immediately sharing them. With “High Privacy”, your route is logged on your device only, and remains for your own eyes until you call for help or you choose to share it.

For example, when hiking solo, you can track your trail privately in case everything is fine. But If fallen and injured, you can then send an Emergency call and that will share your precise route to direct rescuers. Or if meeting friends at a large event, you can record your location privately until deciding to share it to help find each other. Your location is never shared without your consent so you get the safety of being found when needed, with full privacy the rest of the time.

Extended Track Storage

Your tracks are stored by default on our server for 90 days. We do not want them to stay there indefinitely.  

After 90 days the tracks are removed automatically.

If you prefer your tracks to stay on server for longer time – this subscription option will double the default time.

Long Term Storage

Additionally you may also decide that some of you tracks should stay forever. 
The Long Term Storage option does allow you to reserve the space to store your tracks forever. 
Since assigned a Long Term Storage attribute a  track will not become a victim of the regular cleaning process.

You always can re-assign  any of your tracks into the the LTS storage

This is a one time payment for a specific capacity.  

Request Location

You may want to connect with your circle when meeting up or attending events. Our “Request location” feature lets you request whereabouts from your peers while respecting their privacy. Designated contacts like friends, colleagues, and relatives control if and how much to share.

For instance, asking a colleague’s location can help coordinate meetups during conferences. Requesting a friend’s location while at a music festival can aid finding each other in the crowds. Your contacts choose what level to share based on their comfort – precise location, general area, or decline. With this, you can check in with them while respecting their right to privacy.


Location Check

As a parent, you want to give your kids a sense of independence but still keep them safe. With our “Location check” feature, you get the best of both worlds. They can focus on play and fun without distraction, yet you can require their phone to check their location when you feel the need for reassurance.

While they are visiting friends, commuting or bike riding out of sight, you can check their location at any point, without them noticing. Your kids don’t have to actively share their location or even realize you’re checking. As long as they’re in reception, you can discreetly look in on where they are and make sure they’re safe.

Private Circles

Sometimes, even if you need help, you don’t want to alarm or worry people who care about you but can’ really help.

For example, when traveling for business, you may need trusted local support. With Custom Circles, build groups with destination-specific contacts. If you need help, connect with the relevant on-the-ground Circle. But even if you are in your home town and are in need of work assistance, you may not want to alarm your family because it’s not a kind of help that you need.

For instance, build a conference Circle to coordinate with other attendees. Or create a Circle with local team members for translation assistance. With tailored Circles, you have the right contacts for each trip.

Shake activation / fall detection

In moments of crisis, immediate assistance can make all the difference. That’s where our “Shake for Help” and “Fall Detection” features come to your aid.

Customize your shake count to activate an instant emergency call, ensuring swift response without counting on the nimbleness of your fingers or the visibility of your screen or if you. need to activate an emergency call discretely.

Meanwhile, “Fall Detection” automatically triggers a call if your phone senses a fall, providing an added layer of safety.

These features empower you with quick, reliable access to help when it’s most critical. Whether it’s self-triggered through shaking or an automatic response to a fall, you can trust our technology to be your unwavering guardian, delivering invaluable peace of mind.

Single Circle Call

In times of real emergency, one size doesn’t fit all. Some situations demand a targeted response from a specific group within your safety network.

With our “Custom Circles” feature, you gain the power to tailor your safety notifications precisely as you need them.

Imagine a scenario where you encounter a situation that only a specific subset of your safety circle should be aware of – perhaps it’s relevant to your closest loved ones or a particular group of participants involved in care-giving under NDIS.

Custom Circles, add a layer of sophistication to your safety network, guaranteeing that notifications are meaningful and targeted, sparing others from unnecessary concerns. Navigate emergencies with confidence, knowing that the right support is just a notification away.